For the purchase of an amount of $60, you will receive a 4-ounce creamy scrub for Free, Automatic Discount 25% 🎉.

organic soaps

Our organic soaps we have 12 types of soaps available.

We are Preciso Hair and CMNB we have organic soaps available.

  • Coffee and honey exfoliating soap.
  • Oatmeal and honey soap.
  • Chamomile soap.
  • Oatmeal soap and goat's milk.
  • Neutral glycerin soap.
  • Coconut soap and glycerin.
  • Orange soap.
  • Rice whitening soap.
  • Intimate soap.
  • Oatmeal soap, coffee, honey and vitamins
  • Soap for acne.
  • Soap for pruritus or itching.

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